My Roof Is Leaking

I noticed a small puddle of water near my kitchen table today. I have kids, so nothing new; I just wiped it up. A few minutes later as I walked over the same spot I felt something wet drop on my head. “Fuck”, I thought, not wanting to look up at the ceiling; but I did. A water stain was forming around the light fixture and water was slowly leaking down from there and dripping on the floor. Fuck.

I got the flashlight and climbed into the attic, and yup, parts of the roof were wet. I felt under the insulation and found spots where a lot of water had gathered on top of the plastic that covered the ceiling. I soaked up what I could with a towel, put a big ass bucket underneath the wettest spot, then scanned around other sections of the roof. I discovered some water was trickling down my furnace’s chumney as well. Fuck.

I’m already in debt up to my eyeballs. I can’t afford this shit. Stupid houses.

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  1. whatever you do, do not sell the bike…I know you are probably kinda attached to those children but in an ecomomic sense they are the best item to divorce yourself of and i hear good money for these potential biological commondities…..I feeel your pain jody we had leaks in the market roof for about 3 years,,, in five of the rooms, it got to the point where anja would begin moving her furniture and placing pots if she heard the mention of rain on the radio….the mention of rain in iqualiut would trigger this response…..ahh home goal is to never experience it…the next place I live I want to be put there by my children who will assure me that I can have all the jello I want and that someone will come to change my then required diaper….this may happen soooner than later…

  2. I ain’t selling the bike. My parents volunteered to help pay for it. They’re considering it part of my inheritance, though I think it’s more for their grandchildren having a safe roof over their heads than me, which is fine by me.

    I’m still going to look into buying a smaller, less expensive, more maintenence-free house. I miss my apartment days now.

  3. My basement foundation cracked where I got it repaired a couple of years ago. My place is 6 years old. The crack is under warranty so that won’t cost me anything to fix. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean you don’t have to fix it. I also need to replace a window in the Kitchen. Not a big deal, somehow the frame got warped and it lets cold air in.

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