Naked Women In The Men’s Change Room

no boys allowedAs I leave the pool after my 20 minute swim today, in a stupor from exhaustion, I walk into the ladies change room. This looks different, I think as I stop and scrutinize the open showers and towel racks. There’s pink everywhere. Pause. Fuck. So I nonchalantly turn around, go back to the pool, and look for the men’s changing room. THEN I noticed the gender signs; however, the signs aren’t right beside the doors; they’re around a corner, NEAR the door, but not beside it.

And no, I didn’t see any nakedness. I’d probably be in jail if I did.

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  1. When I was a lifeguard I saw this happen at least once EVERY swim. Some older guy goes into the wrong one and rushes out and checks the signs then rushes into the men’s room. Saw women do it too, but not as often.

    Where I worked the women typically changed in these small change rooms with a curtain. The men’s room was just these two big long benches that ran the length of the lockers. It was very different.

    I won’t tell you how I know this.

  2. not quite the same…but Penders story reminded me…

    was working at a pool as a lifeguard when out of the mens change room came a naked little boy….before I could get two steps the doors flies open and now out comes a naked man…who chases the little boy for about fourty to fifty feet out onto the open and crowded pool deck…..I asked the duo to refrain from running on the first….

    phillip you could do a whole series on lifegurard stories…..or I could….water…nakedness…and stupidity….all in a days work…..

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