NASA TV (June 2007)

NASA TVI’ve posted about this before and will probably do so in the future: NASA TV.

They have cameras all over the space shuttle, interior and exterior. You can watch the astronauts work, you can see views of the earth — all kinds of cool stuff. The live view from the space shuttle as it was taking off was kind of thrilling, for those of us who are easily thrilled by these kinds of things.

This time around they’re working on the international space station.

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  1. Today (Sunday), the shuttle will be docking with the international space station (ISS). Things should get interesting around 3:30pm Atlantic Time.

  2. thanks for the link phillip my kids liked it…for almost a minute…unbelieveable…. I am stunned to be able to watch this…i also remember the utter amazement at getting one of those giant floor model color televisions…color…frig that seemed so amazing…… kids..ho hum….and they are not even teens yet….i am doomed….

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