This is very cool. I’m watching NASA TV on my laptop as I write this. The cameras are inside the space shuttle. I can see the astronauts. Not much going on right now, but things should get interesting once the shuttle takes off in a couple hours.

With a 12-day mission that includes three spacewalks, NASA expects to deliver more data to users than it has for anything but the Mars Exploration Rovers, which are still going strong after 18 months on the mysterious red planet.

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  1. The end of NASA? That is the question. I just heard the news that during the space shuttle launch on Tuesday, a huge piece of foam fell off and damaged the shuttle. This is exactly the same foam that damaged the last shutte (you know, the one that disintegrated on re-entry two and a half years ago?). I don’t know what they’re going to do with the astronaunts who are up there now, but all future shuttle launches have been scrubbed. Makes me wonder if they bothered to test this stuff before using it again. What the hell? I mean, exactly the same event that caused the last shuttle to blow up happened again. Jeez.

  2. I am such a space geek. I was just looking a live shot of the shuttle with the cargo bay doors open. The camera must be on the end of the new arm or maybe on the space station. Anyhow, I was watching it as it moved to the dark side of the planet, going from blinding sunlight to complete darkness in about 10 seconds. It was cool.

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