Need Some Exercise Equipment? Use Your House.

House Exercises..::: House Gymnastics :::..:

is a cross breed of yoga, breakdancing, climbing and gymnastics in a domestic setting. House Gymnastics can be performed by anyone, at anytime, anywhere. The greater the height or danger, the better the move. Manoeuvres must be held in position for 3 seconds to be valid. Once the indoor moves have been mastered, they can be applied to outdoor situations and site-specific gallery spaces. All images of Harrison&Ford house gym moves are 100% real and unaltered.

I used to do stuff like that when I was young and flexible.

One Reply to “Need Some Exercise Equipment? Use Your House.”

  1. I used to do stuff like that, when I didn’t put holes in the walls when I used the least amount of effort and destroy everything around me. They forgot to mention that you have to have an old house made of actual wood, not just drywall and presswood. They also didn’t have a “do not try this at your home” warning, since you should obviously only do it in other people’s homes.

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