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I think Steel White Table needs a new banner, anything to give it more personality, including a tagline that isn’t so derived from J-Walk. About a month ago, I suggested something similar to the banner that’s displayed here, or even this one. Both were rejected. So does anyone here have any suggestions? Would anyone here like to create a new banner for Steel White Table? If so, feel free to email them to me. The “winning” banner will get credit for as long as the banner is displayed. And suggestions for taglines can be written in the comments. Thanks.

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  1. Hey! I have a new banner in mind, sorta. I have a new logo, thanks to Jenny. I was just looking for a pretty font. I don’t want to display a big graphic like J-Walk’s; just a small image than text.

  2. Less filling than wooden tables.

    Stain resistant.

    Hurts more when you hit your head on the corner.

    Cause chairs SUCK!

    The anti blue wooden table crew.

    Pull up a chair and shut the hell up.

    Just do it. Oh wait, that’s nike.

    Jody and Phillips super duper blog of greatness and wonderful things to the MAX.


    I’d explain what “steel white table” means, but then I’d have to kill you.

    Pender rulz!!!!!!

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