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  1. Is there such a word as “Huck-a-ho”? In my mind it is something like hillbilly, but I am not sure where I picked it up from.

  2. My father, a native Newfoundlander, used the term “a buckshe” day to refer to a day taken off work without a legitimate reason. He claims it is a “Newfie” saying used by several of his friends over the years. Of course, I have no idea of the spelling, having never seen it written. Please help me find the term and its origin. Paula

  3. by da jesus be walking home from the liqour store brass buttons pull up say hey have to pour your booze out before you get into any trubs, and by da jesus they poured out dat old beer

    Translation-I was walking home from the liqour store the police pulled up and poured my booze out before i got into any trouble it was beer

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