Not Everyone Likes Harley Davidsons

Why A Harley Davidson Isn’t A Real American Motorcycle, an article from 1993 from a guy who used to like Harley Davidsons:

I think I’ve finally figured out just *WHY* Harley Davidson motorcycles are so popular… Harley Davidson isn’t a motorcycle company, it is a cult religion. You don’t ride a Harley Davidson so much as you worship it. You and every other little acolyte. A Harley Davidson is a rolling altar to mediocrity, you bend your knees and you pray to a pagan idol of chrome and leather for the pitiful life that you glean from it.
Harley Davidson. It’s not a motorcycle company. It is a pagan cult religion for brain dead trend humping fashion lemmings.

He makes some good points, though I’m indifferent to it; I have no desire to get a Harley. I like my ’78 Honda CB550.

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  1. If it’s not similar to a cult, they certainly believe themselves above others. Motorcyclists are a social group as a whole. If you are on your motorcycle and pass another motorcyclist coming the other way, 9 times out of 10, they will wave to you. (A raised hand, a nod, a pointed finger…etc)… UNLESS that guy is riding a Harley. You run about a 50% chance that the guy will acknowledge you exist. Unless, of course, YOU are riding a Harley!

  2. Heil..I guten mein beemer ant very joyous…

    whew buddy got a hate on for harleys…i just like bikes…jody last ride saturday…four hours…bike is going away today…boo hoo

  3. Strange but true there are people that like Harley’s and manage to have an independent thought process. I prefer my HD because I was actually raised around bikes as my father always had at least 3 at any given time, nothing “sounds” like a Harley, and they hold their value pretty well.

    I’ve ridden from Dallas to the east coast on mine and use it almost daily for the most basic of errands. Also, as I am the motorcycle media, I have access to bikes that most people don’t — I still love my own personal ride best.

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