Not Jogging In The Rain

man exercising in hamster cageYesterday, Dawn said I should go jogging: “You’re always talking about it. Do it!” And I almost did it, but it started to rain, so I had to put it off; however, having someone prompt me to do it ALMOST made me do it. I’ll have to remind her to do that again.

I used to jog in my youth and university. I used to Bike route from Foxtrap to MUNbike from Foxtrap to MUN (that route is wrong: the new highway wasn’t built then; I had to go down Kenmount Road) during summers (having to get off the bike and walk DOWN hill sometimes because the wind was so strong); I used to bike from Cole Harbour to Mount Saint Vincent University (that route’s wrong, too: I had to take the other bridge) in the winter; I used to work-out and lift weights.

What exercise do I do now? Walk down the six flights of stairs when I leave work. That’s it.

I really should start jogging again, even though I think I’m getting skinnier instead of fatter.

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  1. You have a high metabolism but it should start to slow down a bit soon. Better be careful, you may start to get a gut. Fatty.

    I’d go jogging with you but by the time I’ve already jogged to your house I don’t feel like jogging anymore, so I jog home.

    I used to bicycle up signal hill every day. At the end of the summer I could do it in 4th gear without taking any breaks, at the beginning of summer I’d do it in 1st gear with 5 breaks. Now I bet I could do it in 1st gear with 10 breaks. The ride to cape spear was neat too, except when lightning hits the house next to ya when you’re at the top of a hill that has nothing but the house on it. Then it’s twice as neat.

    I used to jog around quidi vidi when I was in highschool. First time I went it took 20 mins, every time after that I would shave 30-60 seconds off my run. The last time I did it in 12 minutes, then I quit as the intercontinental champion of pender’s quidi vidi lake running around.. club..

  2. Dawn and I used to jog around Quidi Vidi (\”ki-duh-vi-duh\” or \”kiddy-viddi\”?). I forgot about that. She used to be in karate and swim a lot, I used to jog and play squash. Now I stare at a monitor all day, exercising my pupils.

  3. holy frig my memory is going…why were you biking to the mount…i used to love that ride…except for the @#@#$ bridge where the commissioners would bag yah out about riding across…i really liked when i moved into downtown dartmouth and no breakheart hill to climb on the way the quiet and idyllic cole harbour estate….

    I used to get a rush coming down kempt road..through the lights and out towards the mount….cars all around peddling like a retard…it was great…

    bicycle now!! no way i am lucky the motorybike is a 750 and i am still skirting the weigh maximum…

    jog i never jogged…i think i jogged once to al c..cause i bet his mom i would…i got a case of coke out of it…

  4. > why were you biking to the mount

    I went for a year there. I saw you driving by occasionally in your yellow jeep. You probably gave me a lift sometimes if you saw me plowing through 2 feet of snow, which reminds me:

    I was bicycling down that street on the left side of the Sportsplex in Dartmouth (heading towards Halifax) – I think a high school was on the left or right side of the street – and started to turn into the Sportsplex entrance as a shortcut to get to the bridge. It was winter. It was cold. There was no snow, but there WAS black ice.

    It\’s an odd sensation travelling at 50 kilometers an hour, going in a straight line, even though your front wheel is turned completely to the right. You think about what an idiot you are for not realizing there\’d be black ice; you wonder if you\’re going to stop before hitting the car in front of you. I forced myself to fall so I wouldn\’t hit what ever was approaching (I don\’t remember if it was a car or part of the building).

    I got up, straightened out the handlebars and anything else that was askew, and continued on to school.

    I bought studded tires later that day.

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