Observations Of Newfoundland

I lived in Newfoundland for over 10 years, plus I’ve visited it lots of times, yet on my recent trip there I discovered new things (and some old):

  • U-Haul is getting a lot of business there. Driving from Gander to St. John’s, at least 10 U-Haul vans passed us heading west. Sad.
  • People take offense if you don’t eat what’s been offered.
  • Hot and cold water taps are often switched; the hot is on the right instead of the left.
  • Cod isn’t extinct yet. There’s a recreational fishery policy for about a month, where individuals can catch five fish per day.
  • You won’t see dead animals on the side of the road: Newfoundland doesn’t have raccoons, porcupines, or skunks.
  • The McDonalds there don’t have any vegetarian meals.
  • Sandwiches never include vegetables, just meat and a sauce (usually mayonnaise).
  • Fogo Island is the blueberry capital of Canada, not Oxford, Nova Scotia.
  • St. John’s Harbour still has a geyser of sewage spewing from its bottom and it still stinks.
  • Afterwords used books store is still around and on Duckworth Street. My wife used to work there.
  • Store clerks are terse, making it obvious they hate their work.
  • It’s always a pleasure to talk to a Newfoundlander, just to hear their accent.
  • Near Gambo (at Joey’s Lookout) you can buy purple cabbage and a broccoli-cauliflower hybrid called broccoflower
  • Everyone there seems to watch Canadian Idol, which I’ve never seen (nor any other similar show).
  • St. John’s is MUCH busier than last time I was there (about 7 years ago).
  • Fred Hutton is now News Director at NTV (which is rather unique, offering strange programming; watch it in the early AM sometime: it’ll freak you out).

6 Replies to “Observations Of Newfoundland”

  1. Here’s an example of an NTV promo that appears in the middle of the night.

    I suspect unpaid interns have control of the station at those hours.

  2. I think most people who watch Canadian Idol are either middle-aged women or kids young enough to be brothers or sisters of the contestants. Ben Mulroney is such a hottie!

  3. You’re right, hot and cold ARE often switched, but most often in houses that have been retrofitted with plumbing or have been renovated. This is common *everywhere* because amateur plumbers see left and right backwards when they are lying on their backs trying to solder pipe.

    I haven’t experienced terse store clerks to any greater extent than I’ve seen elsewhere. Certainly not enough to make it an observation of Newfoundland in particular. I would actually say it’s a little less so there than anywhere else.

    What da jeesus do ya mean, ya little frigger! We don’t got no friggin accent, b’y! Da rest of you shaggin’ mainlanders are da ones wit’ da accents! Lard tunderin’… da likes of some people.

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