I was looking at my email contacts list and realized I know a lot more people than I thought, with a wide variety of occupations:

  • teachers
  • RCMP officer
  • physiotherapist
  • city councilor and pasta maker
  • writer
  • stay-at-home moms
  • stay-at-home dads
  • army officer
  • software developers
  • managers
  • librarian

Unfortunately, I don’t know any plumbers, carpenters, electricians, or doctors. I need more friends.

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  1. Those are email contacts. How many of those people, outside of work, do you actually do stuff with? Have them over for a BBQ or play cards or games or go for hikes or watch movies or whatever.

    My list of people I actually do stuff with is slowly growing, but it was zero for the first few years I lived in St. John’s. Let me see… I think I’m up to 6 now, though it’s probably closer to 12 if I count all the people who get in on the things me and one of the 6 are doing.

  2. These are people I trust and know well enough to ask for a favor (as they could of me). I didn’t include everyone in my email contact list, like my insurance representative (not that I wouldn’t trust them).

  3. city councillor in a small town may not qualify as a job…more of a public whipping boy kinda thing…it saves one time from self flagulation as now the public abuses one instead…

  4. Oh! That’s right! Tommy, I forgot you also made pasta! I got a pasta maker for Christmas! Do you have any recipies for pumpkin ravioli?

  5. Yeah…actually in italy there is some squash that is unavalilble hear and it is often substituted with pumpkin…but i am sure here on the internet you can find some….i developed three standard fillings, a meat one, mushroom and garlic, and a three cheese which i would be happy to send you if you like…the three cheese is dead easy….

  6. I decided not to make any pasta. It seemed like too much work. And I don’t have a pasta maker. I love fresh pasta, though. My only complaint is that I can’t find whole grain fresh pasta, only “enriched” stuff.

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