Old Computer Magazines, Books, And Software

DOS power tools diskBorland Turbo AssemblerIs there a market for old computer products? I have magazines, disks, and books from the 80s and 90s for technologies that are not in common use, like 16-bit assembly and DOS.

I even have IOMega ZIP disks, without the disk drive! I should throw that stuff out.

For you computer folks, do you keep the old stuff, letting it gather dust?

PC Magazine 1986Computer Lanuage magazine 1990C Journal 1994

3 Replies to “Old Computer Magazines, Books, And Software”

  1. Nice memories, but I get rid of that stuff. If it has any useful life at all, it goes to the “free box” where someone usually snarfs it up in a few days.

  2. I like to peruse old magazines that still have useful and interesting articles about algorithms and theory; I’ll probably keep some of those. The PC Magazines and disks I’m going to throw out, in addition to the books.

  3. yeah there is a market for these items..its in michigan and you better use it quick before the border closes…i think the market is called landfill…

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