Old Peanut Butter

peanut butterSo, it’s around 2pm and I’m getting hungry – I haven’t had lunch yet. I forgot my wallet at home, and all I have is a loaf of bread and gum on my desk. I don’t feel like eating plain whole wheat bread, but I see a jar of peanut butter at a co-worker’s cubicle. What the hell – he won’t mind. So I make a peanut butter sandwich.

5 minutes later: The sandwich has an odd aftertaste. It doesn’t taste like peanuts. While eating it it seemed fine, but now, a lingering aftertaste of this-ain’t-right is in the back of my throat.

So I’m drinking a cup of coffee to wash that taste out. That’ll fix it! I couldn’t easily find anything on google about getting sick from old peanut butter, and google knows everything, thus I won’t get sick.

Phillip might post my obituary, if it comes to that.

While on vacation I got sick 30 minutes after eating two fried eggs. They seemed fine when I cooked and ate them, but afterwards I vomited half the day. Maybe my sense of taste isn’t acute to non-normal things.

Greg: yes, that peanut butter jar sitting in your cubicle near the window. I threw it out.

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  1. I didn’t even know peanut butter expired. It was probably the bread or the gum you chewed that you pryed off the bottom of your desk.

  2. I can’t imagine the peanut butter making you sick. If it was a funky brand you might get an after taste; or if there was something else IN the peanut butter, like jam or something.

    Maybe it wasn’t peanut butter. Maybe Greg used a peanut butter jar to collect a stool sample to bring to the hospital. Not THAT would give you an after taste, I bet.

  3. > Maybe Greg used a peanut butter jar to collect a…

    Uh, yeah. Thanks for that.

    It’s an hour or so later and I feel fine. The aftertaste is gone after having a cup of coffee and a cup of green tea.

  4. I think it’s the fact that I kept the JAR on the window for the last 3 years.

    Yum, yum! Thanks for being my taste tester Jody. I was kind of worried about trying it on my own.

  5. jesus you guys have peanut butter at your workplace..i thought half of north americans were deathly allergic to it…frig i have to hide the peanut butter from the kids in the morning in case some retinal image is passed onto some other kid at school who will then go into anaphalatic shock by just thinking about peanut butter…perhaps they should label peanut butter like cigarettes…kids could collect the disturbing photos like old hockey cards…

  6. i thought jody was like some high fulutin boss …. like wouldnt some kiss ass employee kill to provide management with some sustanance…ya know to get in good with the king….what am i missing here…and jody why do you have a loaf of bread at your desk…curious cause if this is an upper management corporate thing mayby i should take a loaf of ole wonder bread to the next council meeting..i mean i am out of touch with the norms and mores of the corporate world….

  7. Jody always has groceries on his desk. Bread, juices, granola bars, small candy bars, etc. I have had peanut butter and oatmeal packages on my desk from about 2 years back. I would think the oatmeal is okay. Jody could of had that I suppose.

  8. Haha. Cool that SWT is #1 for old peanut butter sick (#1 on google, too).

    Also cool (and mind-boggling) that SWT was useful to someone.

  9. So I just ate peanut butter that expired in 2004… same thing.. hungary, found it in the cabinet in the kitchen. Only when I tasted it did I think to look for the expiration date. That was nasty.. I can still taste it. I also tried to see if I could find anything on old peanut butter making you sick.. good think I found your blog. i feel much better now! (mentally.. I can still taste the stupid peanut butter)

  10. heh, I found some peanut butter from january 20th, I’m making cookies, it tasted a little wierd in the after taste, but I want cookies, so yeah.

  11. So, my niece and I are sitting in my home. She’s interested in some toast and peanut butter and is delighted to find a large tub in my cupboard. she makes herself some toast and gleefully gets a spreading!
    she excitedly takes her first bite. thats when i hear the cries. This doesn’t taste right.
    taste it! taste it! she yells! then she shoves a peanut butter dipped finger straight into my mouth.
    i quickly check for an expiration date and my stomach begins to twist and turn as I see the label indicates that it expired in June of 2006!!!
    immediately i begin googleing and calling friends and family to ensure i’m not going to get sick or die.
    thanks for your blog.
    we will both sleep better tonight. however, after this experience i don’t think i’l be eating peanut butter for awhile. i can’t get the taste out of my mouth!!!

  12. Yeah, I had peanut butter that expired in February of 08 a few hours ago. I haven’t keeled over yet so I’m assuming I’m safe. Plus what I’ve read here also helps. That’s what I get for eating out of desperation. Grabbed the first thing from the fridge which was bread for a light snack, like you, didn’t want the bread dry, and grabbed some peanut butter from the cabinet seeing “Feb”, but not noticing the 2008 attached to it. Yeek.

  13. I think I ate expired yogurt once. I didn’t notice anything odd about it but my wife could detect an off-odor from it. I didn’t die.

  14. I just ate some cashew butter from Trader Joe’s that expired in Oct. of 2008; it still tastes like new. So far the only symptom I’m experiencing is hunger for more.

  15. I know this is an old blog… but I just ate peanut butter with a “sell by” date of November 2008, and it’s now a year and eight months later. After reading a few things online, all I read about were this smell, sight, and taste of the peanut butter going rancid, but mine smelled, looked, and tasted perfectly normal, so I went for it.

  16. the food of the apcolypse…I am stocking up now…plus…we will see who has a peanut allergy now..huh huh…..(cue sound of shot gun shell being loaded)

  17. Same story as everyone else. Just arrived for at Mom’s house completely starving and the only thing was a jar of peanut butter on the shelf. It was front and center, who knew it expired in Aug. 2009. There is still nothing else on the internet about eating old peanut butter, but given the number of people on this blog, I feel much better about it. I also gave it to my dog, so I hope she reacts the same way that people do.

  18. omgosh im 15 this peanut butter jar has been open for a while in the cabinet & it was 5 days old after I ate it.It tasted fine & didn’t smell does that mean im fine ?

      • hey thank you.Its just I been sick for at least 1 whole week stomach bug or stomach virus feeling nacious waking up sweaty feeling heated but no fever & doing out the other end yeah but im getting better & just was paranoid since im sick though peanut butter gave me food posioning I don’t deserve feeling like this :/

  19. DO NOT EAT EXPIRED PEANUT BUTTER!!! I just ate some that expired in 2009. It did taste a little weird. Now I won’t give too much info but I have been running to the bathroom for the past 8 hours!!!!

  20. My friend got sick in the middle of the night last night (both ends) and the only thing he ate that I didn’t was some PB cookies I made from a jar in the cupboard (exspires 2013) but was open and sitting there for a couple of months and an orange. When I was a child we always kept our open PB in the frig. But it makes it hard to spread and everyone else in the house complains about it, so I relented and let it sit in the cubboard. He had classic food poisoning however…so it had to be from the cookies (which were baked at 375 for 8 minutes) or contaimination from the rind of the orange (I always wash my oranges with hot water before I peel them and he does not)….just saying!

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