Silly headlines like this have been in the Canadian news a lot since yesterday: And on that note, the White Stripes tour is over:

The White Stripes put on a surprise pre-concert show for fans in St. John’s Monday evening, but it could not have been much shorter.
…the White Stripes played just a single note — reportedly a C-sharp — before telling fans they would see them at the scheduled concert.
…he crowd cheered loudly after the Stripes played their one note, took a bow, and left the stage.

Kinda neat. I have no idea who The White Stripes are, though. If it ain’t on CBC Radio Two, it ain’t worth listening to!


  1. yeah…except cbc radio one has been blabbing about this “band” for a number of days…they are iqualit, they are going bowling….eeesssh….if only i could hear some rush or pg on cbc….I am assuming the white stripes are a band and not some horde of maurading killer skunks…

  2. Oh yeah, I HAVE heard a lot about them, but not ONE tune. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a White Stripes song, or if I have it didn’t make an impression.

    I think it’s admirable that they’re playing EVERYWHERE – lots of towns and every part of Canada.

  3. No way, man, CBC Raido 1 all the way!

    I don’t know who the White Stripes are. I first heard of them when they came here to St. John’s. All the people I know who listen to shitty music (everyone) know them. I heard about the White Stripes on CBC Radio 1, rumours flying everywhere, which is ironic seeing how 90% of CBC Radio 1 listeners (like me) have no clue who they are and don’t care.

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