One, Two, Three… Jump!

Jump photographyFakefunk Jump Project:

I like jump pictures. For starters, it’s been a long time since any of us jumped for anything. I think people make funny faces when they jump (I on the other hand, usually sport a crazy manipulated smile from years of cheerleading and dance competitions). I also think it’s funny to see how people realize a jump; I have seen some of the strangest aerial positions ever witnessed when I do jump sessions with friends. Lastly, jumping makes people smile. Harking back to childhood memories of moon bounces and cannonballs into the pool, people almost always laugh after a good jump session.

This is a great idea.

5 Replies to “One, Two, Three… Jump!”

  1. They must be retardedly good athletes. Athletisism is usually gauged by how high a person can jump. It looks like they can jump about 3 feet up at times.

    Nothing like watching skinny rich hot chicks jump around the earth.

  2. This is a great idea. Wish we’d thought of it. I may send in a bunch of pictures. JUMP nova scotia!

    By the way, Jody, you need a new font for you anti-spam code thingy, because zeros and ohs look the same, and ones and ells look too much alike.

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