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What is this site?
This site is a place where we hold a collection of links to other pages which contain your favourite TV shows. The videos themselves are hosted on video sites such as DailyMotion and YouTube.
Is it legal?
Whilst TV shows are copyrighted material, we do not actually hold any copyrighted material on our site, meaning that we’re perfectly legal. Through being on this site, and watching the videos we direct you to, you are not in any way breaking the law. The illegal part of this, is the hosting of videos, and that responsibility rests with the video websites.

Uh huh.

They don’t have The Six Million Dollar Man. Bummer.

(Thanks, Pender)

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  1. I m looking for wkrp or the muppet show….yeah i am sure i saw a muppet show with alice cooper and sweetems singing “schools out”…and i still have a crush on bailey….

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