An opinion of Netflix and what we’re watching

netflixWe switched from TV Cable to Netflix three months ago. Here’s an update on what we think of it and what we’ve been watching.

How much does Netflix cost?
It costs us $8 per month in Canada for unlimited viewing. There’s no Wii network connectivity fee, which is how we usually access Netflix.

How much bandwidth does Netflix use?
Here’s my internet usage from August 2010 to the end of January, 2011. We joined Netflix in Nov 2010. I increased our monthly usage limit when we joined – good thing too.
internet usage

What recent movies and shows does Netflix offer?
Nothing within the past six months and most of its selection is older than 12 months. They seem to be adding more Canadian content recently (from CBC), but you won’t find your latest movie releases or television series. For example, the latest MythBusters is from seaon six, and Mythbusters is in their 8th or 9th season now.

Netflix quality and performance
Video: The picture quality is fine for us. Netflix in Canada does not support HD (high definition), but we don’t have a TV that supports it anyway, so we don’t care. When we first started using it I noticed the resolution degraded at times, but that hasn’t happened for a couple months now.

Sound: Sometimes the sound gets out of sync but that has occured maybe once a month, and the Netflix application has a 30 second rewind control that always fixes that issue.

How we watch Netflix
We watch most of Netflix through the Wii Netflix application. I use the iPod Touch Netflix application a lot in bed for documentaries and television series. Netflix doesn’t have an application for Android-based smartphones yet.

What the kids watch on Netflix
The kids watch television series’ for the most part: CatDog, SpongeBob SquarePants, and some movies.

The kids and I watched all 3 seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender – and excellent animated series. We didn’t see the movie (not available on Netflix in Canada) but we heard it’s no good, which is a shame: smart writing in that television series.

The kids don’t miss recent television shows until they go to their grandmother’s and see what’s on TV cable there; only then do they complain about Netflix.

What the adults watch on Netflix
My wife and I watch documentaries, movies, and television series. I’m watching the series Leverage now. Its plots tend to be repetitive but it’s keeping me interested – good writing and well produced.

No one in the family watches sports or has an interest in other live events so that’s not an issue for us.

Complaints about Netflix
It’s missing a lot of popular movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Pixar movies… I suspect it’s due to licensing issues.

Here’s The Internet Movie Database‘s Top 10 from their Top 250 list and their avilability on Netflix (Canada):

  1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994): No.
  2. The Godfather (1972): No.
  3. The Godfather: Part II (1974): No.
  4. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly(1966): No.
  5. Pulp Fiction (1994): No, but Reservoir Dogs is available.
  6. Schindler’s List (1993): No.
  7. 12 Angry Men (1957): No.
  8. Inception (2010). No, and this is one I haven’t seen yet and would like to.
  9. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) : No.
  10. The Dark Knight (2008): No.

0 out of 10 of those available on Netflix; however, their selection IS huge. They just don’t have the latest and greatest yet.

Overall we’re happy with the switch from TV Cable to Netflix. It’s a LOT cheaper than Cable TV, more convenient, and commercial-free.

4 Replies to “An opinion of Netflix and what we’re watching”

  1. Love Leverage – and now s3 is available! And s1 of Community, which I hadn’t seen (having only started watching halfway through the current season). That Mitchell and Webb Look is a hilarious BBC sketch comedy I’ve enjoyed, and I’ve also started watching Top Gear.

    A feature I’d like to see added is a wishlist – sometimes I come across something I am interested in watching, just not at that very moment, and I have no way of making a note in the system.

    • That Mitchell and Webb Look is a hilarious BBC sketch comedy…

      Those guys are great, though I enjoy what they do on “Peep Show” the most. We’ve watched every season of “Peep Show” about 3 times. They don’t always hit a home run, but they’re likeable and wickedly funny. I like many of the other characters too. Super Hans and Alan Johnson are insane.

  2. I’m on the 2nd season of Damages now, which surprised me – I didn’t think I’d stick with it due to its sometimes silly who’s-betraying-who plot. I’m going to view that 3rd season of Leverage when finished Damages.

  3. I loveeeee I mean loooooveeee netflix….just got the wireless hooked up and am now watching two movies at once

    got through the Mi5 soap opera series….mostly watch the bbc stuff….henry watches everything…watching river monsters..and anja is watching it…good thing there is no limit yet cause it is on constantly here…whoooo hoooo….

    but there is fair bit of stuff I go looking for that is not there….when will they have the german dugeon porn…or is that another channel…

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