Tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 5th) night around 9pm Atlantic (if I can get my daughter to bed by then), I’ll be replacing Steel White Table’s motherboard (a long story); however, the website won’t be down. No sirree, Bob. I’m going to redirect all URLs to my old server, where I’ll be providing updates on my progress. If the old server could handle a webcam, I’d use it so everyone could view my blunders while I scrap my knuckles replacing the server’s innards; alas, the old server can’t handle that kind of load.


  1. You named the post “Outage Notice” then proceed to say the website won’t be down. Make up your minds!

  2. Steel White Table as we all know and love will be down. All URLs (in the universe, hopefully) will be directed to one page, which I’ll update occasionally on my progress.

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