Book Review: Wake by Robert Sawyer

Wake by Robert J. Sawyer 4 out of 10 stars (4/10)

I’ll read most anything Sawyer writes because his ideas are fascinating and original, but I’m beginning to lose my enthusiasm after reading this.

Sawyer has brilliant, intriguing ideas, and he conveys them well – it’s the main reason I’ll read most anything he publishes. Unfortunately, each new book appears to be pandering to the masses: simple reading level, shallow characters with some gimmick to keep one’s interest, cultural references that are like ad placements… this story felt like filler to a bigger story, maybe detailed in its sequels. I devoured it quickly, but it’ll be forgotten quickly too.

Here’s a summary of the novel from Quill & Quire, which includes an accurate review I think:

Having recently moved with her family from Texas to Waterloo, Ontario, Caitlin is gradually settling into her new life when she is contacted by a Japanese professor with an irresistible offer: he has been working on a computer-based system that might restore her sight. The implant doesn’t allow Caitlin to see the physical world, but plunges her into a surreal universe that she quickly realizes is a visualization of the Internet. She is not, however, alone in this universe: something is coming to life within the Web, building not only awareness and intelligence, but sentience.

I know Sawyer can write brilliantly – many of his short stories (from Iterations and Identity Theft: And Other Stories) are as engaging as his novels, but they’re succinct and tight; and his website has wonderful essays. Maybe the novel-form gives him too much leeway for throwing in unnecessary cliches and cultural references as filler. One has to wonder if he’s paid for the endorsement-like tidbits he includes.

I have little interest in reading the sequels to Wake: WWW: Watch and Wonder (WWW, Book 3). Maybe I’ll pick them up if I see them in the Bargain Bin.

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Pollen Music (in B Flat)

I got tired of YouTube telling me I was guilty of copyright infringement by putting even the most obscure recording on my uploaded videos. So I used the B-Flat Collaborative Project to mix something on-the-fly for a 2 and half minute video I’m posting on Mud Songs later today. The video shows me putting a pollen patty on one of my honey bee hives like this:

Anyway, here’s the mix I came up with:

I better not get hit with another copyright infringement notice.

The Longest…

The longest list of the longest stuff at the longest domain name lists a lot of long items, such as:

The site’s full website address is:

Quick Thoughts on “Inception”

Inception is one of the few science fiction movies from the past 20 years that isn’t ruined by a stupid ending (Moon is another). That alone is an accomplishment. It feels somewhat like a heist movie that takes place in people’s dreams, and then dreams inside other dreams and so on. That aspect of the storyline could have been confusing but it’s not. “Inception” isn’t epic science fiction, but it doesn’t fall into “sci-fi” silliness — so it’s worth checking out.