A fellow parent informed me of some great parenting adventure sites. Here are some highlights from them:

  • He Started It! where I found this valuable advice:

    if your cat eats a piece of xmas tinsel, and it is hanging out of their butt, don’t yank it out as though you were starting a lawnmower. and don’t make a lawnmower noise, either.

  • Fussy:

    Here’s a delightful post by woman who lists 100 things she is grateful to have learned from her mom. Naturally, this has inspired me to write a list of things I have taught Jackson [her son].
    1. It’s okay not to bathe for several days in a row. Like, three. Five is pushing it, but if it’s after 10 p.m. and your fingernails are clean and you aren’t developing one of those dirt neck rings, let’s go see what’s on the Cartoon Network.

  • finslippy:

    Given that clearly worded phrases will be ignored while muttered asides will be repeated with stunning clarity, which of the following is your child likely to announce in the presence of a grandparent?
    a) Suck me.
    b) That is such bullshit.
    c) Fuckity fuckity fuck.
    d) I love Grandma. Grandma the booze hound.

  • Laid-off Dad:

    Robert [his son] and I will be getting ready to go out and meet Mama, for example, and the boy will strip himself and run around wailing for Mama, unaware that his little nudie meltdown is delaying what he so dearly desires. He attempts to curry favor from our cat by trying to yank its tail off. He likes to help us clean by slapping dust bunnies around the house with the dustbroom.

I’m going to try to add more posts about parenting, especially since our second child is due in November. Incidently, we still haven’t decided on a name for the kid.

(Thanks, Mumsie)

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