Parents Are So Stupid

Calvin banging nails into coffee table

I walked into the bathroom today and found nine bars of soap stacked around the sink. Nine. I then see the wrapping on the floor from the Costco-size package of soaps we had.

Me yelling out: Caitlyn, what’s with all soap here?!
Caitlyn: What, Dad?
Me: Soap! Is someone REALLY dirty? Did you unwrap all this soap?
Caitlyn: Oh. Yup. It was just sitting there.

I should create a blog just for the stuff my kids come up with. For those new to the area, here are some highlights:

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  1. When my son was (much) younger we were having a conversation about something, I forget what. Well, at the end of the conversation I said “C’est la vie!” Without missing a beat he said, “la vie”. Good boy… did just as he was told!

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