Parents Should Play Video Games With Their Daughters

Playing Video Games With Dad Builds Better Daughters:

Researchers found that girls that played video games with their parents (mainly their fathers – not many mothers questioned admitted they played video games) were better behaved, felt more connected to their families, felt less aggressive, and demonstrated decreased levels of internalizing, which can lead to depression.

Doesn’t work for boys though – video games make them dumb.

Boys, on the other hand, saw none of these positive effects, a fact that researchers suggest might be due to boys playing games much more than girls do, often with their friends.

So, does playing video games (as a Dad) with my daughter rectify the dumb-making effect of playing video games when I was a kid, such that I’ll now get smarter?

2 Replies to “Parents Should Play Video Games With Their Daughters”

  1. oh yeah those hours of medieval and rome total war have been greatly beneficial..gotta figure out a way to play shogun on this fruity computer..

    Anja has spent the last two months prepping for a public speaking contest..this is not a school requirement, she just decided to do it…it is this weekend…so she is walking around the house repeating her presentation…in french..I wish it was cantonese..her topic

    Pol Pot the Killing Fields…

    bring on the care bears…she picked the topic…..eeesh…

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