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How’d They Vote? Canadian MPs in Focus:

Have you ever wondered how your member of parliament has been voting? We’ve made it easy for you to find out! Contained herein are many of the pivotal votes in the House of Commons, complete with voting history, dissention, attendance and speaking habits.

Interesting statistics. I learned:

  • Chuck Cadman, an independent MP from B.C. has been absent or hasn’t voted on bills 142 times, the most of anyone.
  • The Bloc Quebecois have the least amount of websites for their MPs.
  • Paul Szabo, a Liberial from Ontario, has spoken 107,873 words in Parliament.

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  1. Jody, maybe you should sign up for CBC news. I don’t watch tv anymore, so CBC online and radio news have become my only source of news. I get the headlines emailed to me every day and read the articles if I’m intersted. Not that I’m much into the news, but it’s not difficult to skim the headlines every morning and keep at least a little in touch with things. Even I knew Chuck Cadman was dead. His was the deciding vote in the recent confidence vote.

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