I counted the number of passwords I need to do my job: 15, and I’m probably forgetting some. Retarded. Some of those have to be changed every month due to a security policy for idiots who don’t know how to choose a good password. And where do I store all these passwords? In a plain, text file, of course; or on Post-It notes scattered around my desk.

Then I have passwords for personal use, like email, bank card PIN, retail web sites, etc. Someone could easily take over my life if they knew the one code I use for all my passwords.

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  1. same here. i’ve got the same 5 characters for everything, and just increment the number for anything that needs to change. for the monthly ones, you can always tell how long you’ve been with the company just from your password. i’ve been with OAOT for 41 months plus 4 months before i started this system… :)

    whew, it’s a good thing steve doesn’t read this drivel!

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