Pasta Question

This post is directed at tommyboy more than anyone, although I’m open to any useful responses:

– How long fresh pasta can last in the fridge (unworked)?
– Does anyone have recipes for ravioli fillings using rapini, swiss chard, or tatsoi?

Ain’t the internet great?

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  1. We have one of those small, portable steel pasta-making contraptions. You bolt it to a counter and turn a crank to make different types of pasta. We’ve made pasta lots of times but that was before kids. Dawn has made excellent ravioli before, too.

  2. unworked dough in fridge…3-5 days…same as fresh pasta I am guessing I never sold any after three days..but I have had customers have in their fridges for over a week…

    I would make calzones out of the rapini and chard actually I would probably mix all the greens

    i do have a recipe for rapini pie which I used to make and was popular, the chard could be substitued for spinach…the moosewood cook book has a good recipe for calzones

    this is off the top of my head…I can forward you the recipes if ya want…

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