Paul Jackson Is No Einstein

The Friendly Atheist points out the ignorance spewed in the article Atheist author no Einstein:

Paul Jackson [the article’s author] has a lot of say about Richard Dawkins and The God Delusion. Unfortunately for him, it’s almost all wrong.

I find it hard to fathom why a newspaper would allow such asinine, biased views to be published. The article serves no purpose other than to inflame those already inflamed by Dawkins’ views. It’s sad. It suggests that Jackson didn’t even read the book.

Wikipedia lists intelligent reviews of the book, whether you agree with their opinions or not.

3 Replies to “Paul Jackson Is No Einstein”

  1. Jackson’s logic is pretty good.

    Einstein was a genius
    Einstein believed in God
    Dawkins pooh poohs my sacred beliefs
    Dawkins thinks he is smarter than God
    Therefore Dawkins is wrong.

    Mental invalid & Falassy.

    I do hope Jackson is correct about the afterlife. Meeting family and pets and things. I really want to bump into “Uncle” Ned and relive those parts of my childhood. Oh yah, and I can strangle my dog again for pissing on my fucking couch.

    But alas, I am to busy bowing before the FSM to bother getting involved with the athiests and Christians, who are both wrong.

  2. What I liked best about Paul Jackson. Best.

    Such a good writer.

    I mean, it’s obvious, right?

    How could you not be amazed by his command of the language?

    Only a dolt wouldn’t love rhetorical questions which neither inform nor probe.

    And paragraphs? For pussies who don’t live up to your high moral standards, Paul!

    Christ, I mean Cripes. That’s some find writing, man.

    So, here’s my little prayer right now. God, please kill Paul Jackson. It would take so little effort on Your part and it would prove to me that You exist. But I must insist on the method so I know it’s not just a coincidence: metastasized testicular cancer.

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