Paycheck To Paycheck

It’s Self-pity Rant Day:

I live paycheck to paycheck, having little money for extracurricular activities for the family. I can never afford to take distant vacations (say to Disneyland or the tropics), and I can’t afford house renovations that I require.

I am not poor. I contribute to RRSPs, I have a car loan and mortgage, and I pay off my immediate debts. I only have a credit-line debt, and I pay more than the required amount every month.

Besides the usual house utility bills (phone, electric, etc), my biggest expense is food. Other than that, we don’t spend a lot of money on recreation: we rarely see movies, we don’t go to concerts or bars, and don’t eat out often.

Are most middle-class people in this situation? Most of the people I know CAN afford nice recreational activities like distant vacations and such. Not me; but then, most people I know have dual incomes, which I don’t.

I’m thinking of moving into a smaller house, something that requires less heat and few renovations.

My investments in the lotto isn’t working out as well as I hoped (only $7 a week on that, though).

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  1. We’re in a similar place. If we were both working, we’d be extremely comfortable. I’m home with the kids and doing only small occasional telecontracting jobs. As it is, we’re barely able to save ahead enough for the annual plumbing/roofing/car disaster.

    One thing we are considering is getting an au pair to watch the kids so we can both work again. It costs about $15K US but obviously freeing me up to work again would bring in ≈ $80K to more than balance it out.

  2. I live payCHEQUE to payCHEQUE as well with hollywood not working. It sucks. I can’t put any extra on my line of credit anymore. Winter really cost a lot with heating the house (somehow it was $600 for 2 months, even though I was only heating basically 1 room.. I think the power company is messing with me). I have the line of credit, house and the normal monthly bills and somehow can’t save any money. I even eat a lot of tuna sandwhiches and protein shakes to save money on food. It’s wack!


    the banks love us for this… making money hand overfist…on our over consumption…i say spend, max out the debt..die and let the kids sort it out…we might as well leave them finacially as well as environmentally screwed..

    jody i have the same as you but with no assests…and the wife WILL leave me once the kids are gone…but i have the bike with the sidecar so i am learning to sleep in the sidecar…and as ron james claims i am eating dogfood everyday…getting ready for my future….

    seriously …ashley we are in a similar situation…i work nominally just recently as i have stayed home with the kids for ten years….my salary at my profession had i worked would have been about 50-60k(thats like the same pay for your au pair in american $) but when we figured out expenses, all the expenses, plus the stress of running around..we just made the choice to try one income…i may return to my work in a year or two cause the kids are will then be eight and twelve…yeah its difficult if you do not have a sugarmamma with a good job….the economy is not set up for one income anymore…plus…at least in my case…i live like a king compared to my parents…perhaps thats why…i believe our expectations of “basic” needs is very skewed…but having said that …don’t take any of my stuff…

    jody your doing fine…honestly are you are your kids underfed….plus if you sould just quit move your family here to casa toma and we will start a commune..we can all squat in this city owned building……

  4. It DOES make me feel better that others are in the same boat. I think that’s what I was hoping for. Thank you for sharing your misery.

  5. frig this reminds my of a trip to cape breton with christene m as a teenager and we made bets on whose grandparents lived in worse squalor…her’s were right next to the tar ponds in sydney but alas mine grandmother in glace bay won…ahhhh to be a “poor snob”

    I was laughing at someone the other day who was complaining about cigarettes and youth…frig i have fond memories of rolling cigarettes, taking the looose tobacco outta the green export a can and giving them to the grandparents…i think they gave us a nickle for every one or two we rolled for them…i was like 6-9 years of age aany later they wouldn’ trust ya cause you’d smoke em or give them to your cousin….

    jody re trips …jesus here in ontario in the middle class jungle everyone goes away to cuba or someother warm poverty stricken place…to eat, drink and rec-reate in a way unheard of for the locals…our kids are starting to wonder why we do not go to these places…i say shut up and put your motorcycle helmet on….i do not know how people afford it…

    correct me if i am wrong jody but growing up if someone whet to Forida it was almost like going to the moon…i mean that was a big deal…i mean i knew as a kid we were not going there…the glace bay miners museum was as close to disney world as i was going to get …chist…upper clements theme park was a grand day out…no we never went…did that place ever survive…alas maritime economic development…i pine for cucumber farms…sorry jody i am really procrastinating today on some council work i gotta do…

    the smaller house it ..these 2000 3000 sqaure foot monsters i see in the subdivisons out her drive me nuts…yeah lets work for a better environment…but give me my two car garage and home theater room….the guy that built my inlaws home builds double wall construction…adds to up front cost…but my fatherlaw can heat his office in normal winter weather with the heat from the environmental destructive light bulb and the heat coming off his computer…i am not exaggerating…its a small bedroom and if you close the door it works…its pretty slick…no high tech just thoughtful construction details…yes the room has a window…..

  6. You are not alone, that’s why Middle Class is Middle Class, it’s somewhere in the middle- what are you going to do with yourself? At least you are not poor. If you are tired of Paychecks, why not start your own business. Pay yourself enough so you can take those vacations you were dreaming about. Lotto win is a dream in itself for me – not what I’ll do with the winnings or how I’ll start having fun when now it’s only misery of 9 till 5 job. Why wallow? Think of all the misery you DONT have. lol.

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