Paying For Tap Water

I paid my biannual Water and Sewage bill for my town today:

  • Water service: $170.00 (it’s a fixed rate – we’re not on a meter here)
  • Sewer charge: $58.00
  • Sewer treatment charge: $65.00

Total: $293.00. That’s paid twice a year (yes, I already wrote “biannual” above, but some may think it means “once every two years” instead of “twice a year”, like me).

What are your rates like?

4 Replies to “Paying For Tap Water”

  1. water bill? next you’ll tell me i have to pay for hydro….eeesh….and jody what are taxes?

    here the amount you pay for water each month it is then doubled and results in your sewage bill…water in water out….unless you are a sqautter and do not see or pay these bills….i hear of examples of this jody….

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