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peter gabriel anti-mohawkBack in October (it’s been clipped in my Bloglines account ever since), EyeNo posted Eyeno’s Jukebox (the first of many, I hope) where he writes about Peter Gabriel, one of his favorite musical artists, making available an mp3 of Come Talk To Me (I’m surprised the RIAA hasn’t contacted him yet, the bastards). (UPDATE: Original mp3 link replaced with youtube version).

I didn’t start listening to Peter Gabriel until Security was released, but once introduced I was hooked: I think Phillip and I have every Peter Gabriel song he ever made public, including a lot of bootlegs; however I (unlike Phillip) also love his Genesis days, which includes the brilliant Selling England By The Pound and Trespass (to name just two).

Since he released So, however, I think he’s lapsed into more popular areas (except to occasionally work on a single like Quiet Steam or I Grieve), writing songs that lack the inventiveness of I Have The Touch and Games Without Frontiers. For example, the version of Signal To Noise he released on Up pales to the live version Phillip found. The live version is haunting, causing shivers to hear Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan belt out whatever the hell he’s singing.

Despite my enthusiasm for his later works, he’s still the ONLY pop musician I look forward to hearing something new from (actually, I like Trent Reznor too).

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