Picking A Kensington Laptop Lock

Laptop lockAs expected, the recent news on how to easily open a Kryptonite bike lock without the key has introduced other security device imperfections:

How to pick the Kensington laptop lock is a startling video describing how to open a Kensington lock without the key. I’m going to try this at work tomorrow.

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  1. I love watching stuff like this. I wouldn’t steal anyone laptop or their bike, but if I was even in some emergency situation that required I steal a laptop of bike locked up with one of those locks, I know what to do. It appears that both locks can be opened in a similar fashion. Interesting. I’d love to see this demonstrated.

  2. Word is that this will hit the AP wires (and other mainstream sources) as early as tomorrow. I’m for the protection of bike owners from the bicpicking masses, but it’s a uneasy dance between informing everyone of the flaw quickly so they can be protected, and instructing wannabe penjackers before everyone finds out.

    In any case, now I’m in the market to replace my U-lock.

  3. Sometimes I wish I was a criminal. I could make a ton right now just stealing (and then sellling) all the mountains bikes I see locked up around the city. Pay off my student loans.

    Anybody here every steal anything?

  4. I stole some gum from a grocery store when I was 4. “Hey mom! Look what I got!”, I proudly showed her. Our trip back to the store to return it was a nightmare.

  5. I managed to get a kensington lock open with a bic pen. The same pen I used to open a kryptonite lock. It took about 1 minute to open the kryptonite lock and 10 minutes to open the Kensington. The kensington took about 10 minutes every time I tried. But it can be done if you are patient.

  6. As a clarification this works 100%. Kensington lock was the easiest tihg ever. Tried it at work and did it in 10 seconds. lol

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