Playing Chess At The Office

A co-worker (Greg) and I are going to start playing chess at the office tomorrow. We’ve bragged to each other about our past victories and talent, but I haven’t played in a long time, although I used to be rated in the 1500s. I’ve forgotten the names and strategies of openings (although I remember I used to specialize in the Queen’s Gambit); I fear I’m going to get my ass kicked. I dusted off my copy of Chessmaster and started playing it again, and I suck.

I recently learned from a buddy I used to play chess with in school that a member of our former chess team (I was Captain), received a chess scholarship from an American university. This fella wasn’t as good as us either, but he must’ve kept at it. I quit playing seriously in my later years of high school, but if I had’ve known you could get scholarships in it…

By the way, the best movie about chess ever is Searching for Bobby Fischer, as Phillip mentioned once.

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  1. Who got the chess scholarship? Wondering if I know him.

    I remember in junior when I joined the chess club for one day, some people thought it was a big deal because I was “Jody’s brother,” as if I was some chess player to be watched like Jody. I played two games with a friend of mine, John Whitlock. I beat him on the first game (or ‘match’), and he beat me on the second. And when it did, he yelled out, “I won! I beat him!” John, who happened to be a real trailer park boy, went on to win the “Most Improved Chess Player” award at the end of the year. I think he got his girlfriend pregnant after grade 10 and had to quit school to work for his dad’s scrap iron company. And I’m sure he could still kick my ass in chess.

  2. We will have to record our moves for the next game. Jody and I are still playing game 1. Game to be continued on Wednesday, Jody’s move.

    So far, we have swapped Bishops, Knights and Queens. I have all my pawns and Jody lost one. That pawn might give me the edge and Jody also has 2 pawns doubled-up. Jody is playing well though for someone who hasn’t played in a while. Mind you he takes all day to make a move :)

  3. I screwed the opening up, loosing a pawn and doubling one rank of pawns. Then Greg messed up his middle game. I won, but for 3/4 of the game I thought he would win. I’m white for the next game, starting tomorrow. The games attracted lots of attention in the office. Maybe we’ll start a tournament if there’s enough interest.

  4. Remember to post the moves to the next game.

    By the way, how are you guys playing it? On a computer, an actual board in the middle of the office where everyone can see?

  5. We’re too lazy to post the moves.

    We sit beside each other with one of my boards behind us. We just have to swivel around to look at the board. Anyone who walks by our area can see it.

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