“Please Call Stella”, Spoken In A Lot Of Dialects

Speech Accent Archive:

…is established to uniformly exhibit a large set of speech accents from a variety of language backgrounds. Native and non-native speakers of English all read the same English paragraph and are carefully recorded

There are 14 English Canadian samples, with only one from Atlantic Canada (Barneys River, N.S., wherever the hell that is).

3 Replies to ““Please Call Stella”, Spoken In A Lot Of Dialects”

  1. “Please cuall Steller”. I love the New York accents.

    They are really missing out by not including Newfoundland accents. There are several that could be quite amusing.

  2. Barney’s River is in Pictou County, and has a population of a few hundred people. I was up there when I was a kid. I could NOT understand a word he said. However, he was a cool guy. He was very helpful when his friend needed to burn his mattress.

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