Podcasting On Tour

Tod Maffin, a technology columnist for CBC Radio, is going to be travelling across most of Canada on the Podcasters’ Meetup Road Tour:

I’ll going to be travelling across the country in the next couple of weeks to meet with Canadian podcasters so we can meet each other share ideas, swap geeky tech tips, and more. As many of you know, I also work for CBC Radio so I’ll be seeking your counsel on what direction you think CBC should go in for its on-demand offerings.

It’d be fun talking geeky stuff over a couple beers, although he isn’t stopping in New Brunswick. I think Phillip should go to the St. John’s stop; he’s the one into podcasting, or at least, he was.

While CBC reporters were locked out this year, I had a chance to listen to a lot of broadcasts I missed, including an interesting report that Tod created about how he got interested in radio, talking about his dad’s influence. If you like radio and are into computer technology, listen to Tod.

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  1. If I could come up with an intelligent or interesting concept for a podcast, I’d do it. But I can’t. I’m afraid Tod and I wouldn’t have much to talk about. Though if he was meeting at Gov’nor’s on Water Street, which is the only pub big enough to have a comfortable meeting of people, I’d ask him if he likes single malt scotch. One of the few pubs around that doesn’t have a bad selection.

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