Police Violence in Toronto (Video)

Someone just sent me a link to a video posted on mynews.ctv.ca. I feel sorry for the peaceful protesters, but I also feel sympathy for the rookie cops in riot gear bracing themselves for a potentially dangerous encounter (there were some idiotic violent protesters, too, and the cops had to be ready for them).

MacDonald [the guy who shot the video] told CTV.ca his group marched peacefully along Queen from Bay Street to Spadina, where they were surrounded by police in riot gear. “We kind of got surrounded and weren’t able to get out, they just pushed us back and I was trying to film, and the one officer lunged forward smashed me in the face with his shield and one by one they arrested us, all of us,” MacDonald alleged… Eventually, MacDonald and his friends were all arrested and taken to a detention centre. He was eventually released at about 11:30 p.m.

The video contains adult language (a few f-bombs).

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  1. Phillip ask jody about the shopping video…I passed on to him…would give balance to this one…ohhhh it was just down the road from us…shouda went….one of my collegue’s university aged offspring was one of the joggers who got caught…he thought he would scoot down to take a peek..ha ha…he was let out after 10 or 12 hours….it was funny because a great deal was made that he had no identification…interesting becaue rarely do I have any…even when I am driving…I more often then not have nothing on me to say who I am or where I live…and god forbid I go for I run…I doubt I would have any on me…still I would not have chosen that area to go “running” in….

    I also had an OPP friend who had to go and partake..he was an undercovery shadowy policy man….but he was not happy about the whole thing..have not talked to him since he came back

    the above video just kinda made me feel sad…

    tensions high…your right phillip..everyone on edge…just sad….

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