Poor George Lucas

Star Wars Is About MoneyDVDs of the original Star Wars theatrical release are coming out this week, to add to the six million other variations of it. One guy is fed up, as described in $tar War$: An Open Letter To George Lucas:

You shall receive not one more penny from this fanboy tool. Because what was once great has now been reduced to little more than your personal ATM. Tweak an explosion here, insert a new awesome CGI monster called Bungfwap doing backflips and that’s another $400 million you can stuff in your goitre. Nope. Not going to happen. And I’ll tell you why, Mr Artistic Integrity who cried into his beard when Warner told you to edit THX 1138 because it made no sense and was, to be honest, rubbish. You have too much fucking money.

The official Star Wars site provides a shot-by-shot guide of the differences between the 1977 film and the 2004 DVD release.

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  1. I’m not going to buy the new DVDs, but Lucas has double dipped about 10,000 times on these movies, but I will copy them. Eventually I want to edit together my own version of the Star Wars, culled from the originals and the enchanced versions — because although most of the enhancements are distracting, some of the little tweaks that were made are very good.

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