Post Is Clear: A WordPress Plugin

wordpress logoPost Is Clear is a WordPress Plugin I wrote to insert <br clear=”all”/> at the end of posts, to ensure images and objects don’t wrap into successive posts. Phillip and I were manually inserting the code, although I did hack the WordPress code to insert it, but that code is lost whenever I upgrade WordPress.

This will make me millions.

Download Post Is Clear.

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  1. Hmmm… You should enhance that plugin to add a button to your post editor so that you can insert this code anywhere. I use when I want text to start below the current picture or flash animation even within a post. I hacked my editor to add this code in as a button, the same as those used for bold, italics, etc.

    But, like you, when I upgraded, I lost the hack, and I’ll have to re-hack it.

  2. blah blah blah…all I understand is the making millions part…remember your friends, or at least remember your aquiantances, or at least your annoying internet malcontents……my apologies to the Don Adams “would you believe” amble…

    whats with the big wordy thingys on the right…some thing big wordy others little

    I like the recent comments, for my convience you should have a link to J walks blog now that you have opened up the whole world of blogs to me…oh and steves too….you know this is all about me..not you…me…I would say penders too but I only need to read that once or twice a year… I can type it in..its about me….

    I still do not have either of my bikes out….boo hoo

    Oh I know its easy to be critical…but I did like the tag line with more prominence under the title…I know I know the picture thingy but just saying…the revolving tag line for me was kinda nice…its about me not you… me…I know it s over to the right in the ittty biitty letters….

    is there any way to have random images for the picture…or is that just too difficult…

    gotta go my gerbil brain has spotted something shiney on the floor…..

  3. Jody and Phillip, you guys are like coding gods. Jody, in the last 3 years as your career as a software developer, I think THIS is your proudest moment. Cherish it!

  4. > you should have a link to J walks blog now

    I’m working on a Links section, displaying sites I visit.

    > I still do not have either of my bikes out

    Loser. My bike needs new steering bearings. $150 or so, otherwise he didn’t find anything wrong with it. I won’t have the bike until the end of next week, though: I’m going to St. John’s, NL next week for a business trip.

    > I did like the tag line with more prominence under the title

    I prefered that, too, but Phillip wanted a damn image at the top. I plan on doing what Steve does – have a random image in a corner of the header with room for a random tagline, too.

  5. Oh, and about this:
    > whats with the big wordy thingys on the right

    It’s called a “tag cloud“:

    …a visual depiction of user-generated tags (i.e. adjectives) used typically to describe the content of web sites. Tags are usually single words and are typically listed alphabetically, and the importance of a tag is shown with font size or color. Thus both finding a tag by alphabet and by popularity is possible. The tags are usually hyperlinks that lead to a collection of items that are associated with a tag.

    Gotta keep up with the latest and greatest stupid trends!

  6. The random tagline still appears, just not in the banner. And the banner image is from a place called Mad Rock in Newfoundland. We should change the title of the blog to that.

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