Posting Photos with WordPress

I wrote this 6-page guide to posting photos with WordPress (PDF) for a friend who wanted to know the basics of writing posts and uploading photos to his website with WordPress. I wrote it as I was learning it, but I think I got most of it right.

It’s written for Vista PCs using Firefox, but it would likely work with other sets up too. The WordPress version is 2.9.1.

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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at

7 Replies to “Posting Photos with WordPress”

  1. huh….yeah phillip I am going to get around to that …icky week this week…it is an eleciton year and the silliness has started with my collegues….eeeeesh…what was steve referin’ to….oh the email you used today was the one at home…..I do not even know what my city one here is…its on the website for the city…I had ole ladies ranting at me about the increased cost… I proposed for garbage disposal…what is it with seniors…and fixed incomes….frig who is not on a fixed income….I sure am….frigin garbage, parking and cats…phillip these are the things you must aquaint yourself with in muncipal politics…do not try to explain debentures, or fianacing or use logic or reasoning….actually what I found most of my time doing as an evil picking the best of the three worst choices….and that is on a good day….often there is no choice just one painful course of action…..being a psycopathic pathological liar may also assist in your rise in municipal politcs…..being a sociopath will also help with your nightly slumber…..nighty night

  2. Tommyboy, I will (eventually) write another guide for you that works with your old version of WordPress. is a great idea. I’d subscribe too. Not that I’m trying to pressure Tommyboy into starting a website or uploading photos any time soon.

    do not try to explain debentures, or fianacing or use logic or reasoning…

    I never do.

    being a psycopathic pathological liar may also assist in your rise in municipal politcs…

    True dat.

  3. you could give him a guest account for SWT…

    He might already have one. I know we gave one to Pender once. I’ll let Jody take care of it. Instead of leaving comments on SWT, Tommyboy can post his comments. I’m sure he would maintain the quality everyone has come to expect from SWT.

    I’m away until Thursday. Everybody be good while I’m gone (you know who you are).

  4. I had an account for like 2 weeks and didn’t post anything. I didn’t wanna crapify this beautiful site with my ugly crap. I think my account is looong gone.

  5. I couldn’t write a 6 page guide to getting out of a wet paper bag.

    Salaaming my way out of the comments…

    (Somebody has been watching “The Wire”.)

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