Preventing Blog Spam

I added an anti-spam function to help prevent spam from being entered as comments. When entering a comment you’ll now have to enter the text displayed in an image. The comment will only be posted if you enter the correct text.

What do you think?

3 Replies to “Preventing Blog Spam”

  1. Is it case sensitive? If this posts, I like it a lottttt!!!!! It doesn’t hurt to have to put that thing in, though the backdrop colour of the image doesn’t match your colour scheme, you should hax0r the generator and make it purdier. There’s also crud around the characters, it looks like it was a bitmap or something then compressed using a very lossy setting of jpg.

  2. Errr.. Is this generator incremental? It was 1F4 last time, now it’s 1F5. That would be pretty easy for a script kiddy to hack I think. If it is incremental..

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