Prince William and Princess Kate To Visit Canada

prince william princess kate not nakedOh my god I’m so excited! Prince William, Kate to visit Canada in June, July:

Prince William and Kate Middleton will spend Canada Day the way the prince’s grandmother, the Queen, did last year, in Ottawa.

You Americans need some royalty bullshit to enlighten your lives. Oh wait, you do: Lady Gaga. Or is it Charlie Sheen today?

I wrote “Princess Kate” there in the title. I don’t think she’s a Princess until they have sex.

Update: They done got married, but the highlight of the weddings was the cool hats.

8 Replies to “Prince William and Princess Kate To Visit Canada”

  1. I remember when Princess Dianna and Prince Charles came to New Brunswick. As a little girl, I loved seeing a real Princess. And now at the ripe old age of 40, I must admit, I hope to get a glimpse of these two as well.

  2. William and his brother, whatever his name is… They’re really losing their looks with age, looking more like their father every day. And they’re not even old yet. I guess that’s what centuries of inbreeding gets you. But she looks lovely. Simply lovely.

  3. Well done Jody. You managed to throw in the hot words like naked and sex without the post really being about those things. Looking for additional traffic to your site? I was disappointed to not find nude pics of her though. She is sweet!

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