Racism In Quebec

Quebec bar owner fined for refusing black customers:

A Montreal-area bar has been fined $25,000 for refusing to serve black customers.
“The first time we asked for a drink the manager told us, ‘We cannot serve you.’ I say ‘Why?’ and he says, ‘That’s our policy. No black people inside.’ “
Alarie, a Caucasian, disguised himself as a black person (with the help of a special-effects and makeup expert) and ventured into the bar with Diallo to check out his story.
The two were denied service, but this time Alarie recorded the exchange and went public with the story in October 2003 in a series on racism where he went undercover as a black person for a week.

Sad. Unfortunately, it probably happens more often than we realize. Quebec has even scheduled public hearings about racism:

The Quebec Minister announced public hearings to be held in the fall which should help the government in establishing a policy to combat racism and discrimination.

At least Quebec appears to be doing something about it.

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