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Next Blog button from Blogger.comI have a couple of friends who have websites hosted by Blogger, which has a NEXT BLOG button in the upper right to go to a “random” blog hosted by the them (i.e. Blogger). I think their “random” generator is broke. For example, I started from Oh! Me nerves is rubbed right raw!, then clicked the Next button, which took me to Maria in Paradise, which took me to Free Penis Enlarger (I ain’t linking to it), which took me to amphigoric macoronical pointlessness, which took me to Your Neighbourhood Virgin, which took me to Free Penis Enlarger again. I closed the browser and started from blogger.com this time, and ending up at that Penis site three more times. Randomly.

Maybe the Gods are trying to tell me something.

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  1. yeah, i gave up on blogger, i was getting comment spammed from all those penis enlarging, mortgage selling bastards!

  2. I got an advertisement/search engine results looking page on my first random hit for adult porn. The second time I tried, the guys blog had some advertisement that went over the “Next Blog” button so I couldn’t click it; instead I would end up going to his (or some companies advertisement page). Third attempt, same as the first result.

  3. I never got to the penis enlargement site, I just kept getting onto crappy blogs that had stupid things like “walk away now ‘click ok'”, or “I bet you don’t know who I am, put my name in to access my blog” and when I click cancel it just kept popping up. I guess it’s like google, it’s content driven. Apparently I need to have a crap and jody needs a larger penis.

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