Rating Bad Things That Could Happen To You

Bad Things that can happen to you ranks a long list of bad things that could occur to you. Their top 10 bad things (1o being the worst):

  1. You hit a pedestrian with your car on your 20th birthday, and then get sued for millions all before you turn 21.
  2. You are sexually molested by your older brother since before you could remember and when you finally tell you parents they put you into therapy with a shrink that doesnt work and you are afraid of sex for the rest of your life.
  3. Kill loved one(s) in a car accident leaving you paralyzed and blind.
  4. You spontaneously combust.
  5. You decide to become a Satan worshiper and at your first meeting you learn that you are the sacrifice for that night.
  6. You get run over by a steamroller, from the feet up.
  7. You are exposed to extreme radiation and your flesh sizzles off slowly for 2 years.
  8. You get crucified.
  9. You get skinned alive.
  10. You get crucified upside down.

9 Replies to “Rating Bad Things That Could Happen To You”

  1. This is under the “Humour” section? What’s so goddam funny about getting run over by a steam roller?

    Getting killed by falling down a man hole–now, that’s funny.

  2. Should you really be posting sites that you think are stupid? I think if you made a review on these stupid sites and talked about how stupid they were, then yeah (cause it’s funny), but not for general purpose viewing.

  3. The stupid sites I post are usually funny. I found the last few items on that list funny, so I posted it. I wouldn’t review stupid sites because that’d be a full-time job.

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