Ready-To-Assemble Furniture

Caitlyn and computer deskI am an expert at putting together ready-to-assemble furniture; you know, that stuff made of pressboard and veneer, usually with a tacky maple finish (though I do have some nice cherry wood finish stuff). We own ready-to-assemble bookshelves, dressers, headboard, armoire, tables, and now a computer desk: I can’t afford to purchase the real thing; that is, products made out of real wood instead of pressboard. But it’s nice stuff: surprisingly, our house does NOT look like a Wal-mart furniture display section.

I recently bought a “Computer Corner Work Centre” made by Mylex (I couldn’t find their damn website, so something’s fishy: what company doesn’t have a website now?). The box weighed about two tons, most of that from the nails and screws included, I think. It took me three hours. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any exciting photos of the event. I know, you’re disappointed. Sorry.

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  1. If I bought something like this, I’d record the whole thing in time-lapse. Looks like you have a new monitor. Do you have a new monitor?

    When Uncle Roger arrives on Tuesday, you’ll have to get him to install a door for that room so you can download all your porn without having to look over your shoulder.

    Looks good.

  2. mylex does have a website., but it is only for suppliers, just in case you were interested.
    Have a great day!

  3. Hello
    I found your site while looking for the damn Mylex site. Our chest of drawers we bought has a problem…the drawers won’t open! I don’t know what ‘s wrong!!! I thought it was comical though. If you know of anything that’ll help mail me!

    Rachel M

  4. I did a quick search and still couldn’t find a site for them. A drawer not opening could be due to that horizontal metal thingy the drawer sits on; that metal thingy has to fit snugly in the grove on the edge. I had to use a hammer sometimes to make it flush.

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