Replacing Cable TV with Netflix

My family doesn’t watch a lot of TV yet we pay ~$80/month for cable. To paraphrase Roger Waters: Got fifty channels of shit on the TV to choose from.
netflix wii
My kids watch speciality children channels. We all watch Discovery channel for MythBusters and other cool shows, and we sometimes watch the science-fiction channel. That’s it.

I decided to evaluate Netflix as an alternative since it’s only $8/month here in Canada.

Netflix provides on-demand video streaming: movies, tv shows, documentaries.

To get the Netflix content to my television I had to use my Wii and download a NetFlix application to it – it then allows me to select what I want to view.

We tried it for the first time last night and it worked great – no sound or video problems – it streamed seamlessly to the TV via my wireless Wii connection.

I’ve also used Netflix with my PC, laptop, and iPod Touch – no problems.
ipod touch iphone netflix
There are no download limits to what you can download from Netflix.

The only limit is your internet data usuage limit imposed by your Internet Service Provider, who in my case is Rogers – the same company that provides my TV cable. My limit is 60gb downloads per month, but my average has been around 20gb, so I think I’ll be good. Even if I cancel Cable TV and get a better Internet package, I’ll still be saving lots.

We’re trying it out for a month.

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  1. let me know how that works out….curious….we have no cable….and I am finally going to have to pay for the internet…city used ta…mayby I can get the market board to pay for it…since they pay for my hydro, gas, water, sewage, taxes,..eeeeh the life of a parasite….

  2. I switched from rogers to bell when I moved down here. I don’t have any download limits at the moment. So I downloads a shitload of movies and music. I stream them through the pc and ps3. I was thinking of getting netflix when I was doing a lot of travelling. I watch a lot of sports and I am hooked on hd. If it steams sports and hd, I might swich too.

    Rogers only limits downloads because they are both a cable and isp provider. Dirty crooks.

  3. okay signed up two days ago …watched everything they had that I was interested in…now what…I wanted to watch the fourth season of mad men…not there…wanted to watch fresh…not there..wanted to watch midnight clear..not there….

    working my way through the monk series….but should be done all eight seasons by friday….I need a job or life or therapy or something…wonder if I can get netflix in albainia?

  4. I got Netflix over the weekend. Bought a Bluray player that had the capability. So far I like it alot. I’m watching Weeds now and will move on to some of the other series later on. I figure if I can get two movies a month that my wife and I can sit and enjoy together, then I’m getting my money’s worth.

  5. > Bought a Bluray player that had the capability

    We’re using the wii to access Netflix via my wireless modem on my PC; however, I don’t like the wii’s netflix interface.

    Does your Blueray access the Netflix website or is there a custom interface for it? Does the player hook up to your main PC modem or is it wireless? I have a regular washing machine-size TV – no flat screen thing yet, but I’m considering it now. I want to access Netflix via hard-wire (no wireless) for best connection. Do those new flat screen TVs have direct net access? Or do I have to get a blueray player?

    I don’t know how any of that media shit works.

  6. Sorry it took so long to respond… For some reason your RSS feeds are not showing up in my reader. Got a shitload of them today.

    My BluRay player has wireless built in, but I’ve connected it directly to my router. It has its own interface which is a little clunky, but all in all pretty good. As far as I know, some of the new TVs have direct internet, but to play NetFlix, you need a compatible device. Check for the Netflix logo on the box. Some TVs to have it, but I think just the really expensive LED ones. I’d recommend finding a good deal on a nice LCD and getting the bluray player besides. Costco has good deals. With Netflix, I find the video a little choppy at times, even on hard wire, but I’m trying to connect with HD the whole time and the internet at my house is constantly being used for other things. I’m upgrading on Tuesday to FibreOP with Aliant… 25Mb download speeds. That’s triple what I’m getting today with regular high speed.

  7. I use apple tv here in Atlantic Canada and Netflix is awesome. No trouble streaming content and no lag whatsoever. We watched the first season of prison break and my teenagers love it and are on season two now. Also myself and my wife watch damages. We also find a few movies to watch as well ,maybe on the weekends . If it keeps getting better and I can get a local news podcast my basic cable will be no more. All I want now is Nhl center ice on apple tv.

  8. It’s been 7+ months since we got Netflix and no major complaints. The kids love the availability of nature documentaries and cartoons, and its Recommendation system tends to find things for me that piques my interest. We all watch little TV in the first place.

    I finally feel the price of a television service ($7.99/month) is worth it.

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