Review of Paul Auster’s “Mr Vertigo”

null I finished reading Mr Vertigo by Paul Auster today and it’s an excellent read. It’s about a guy who learns to levitate and earns a living in a travelling road show. The narrator’s language is free and loose and the most laugh-out-loud entertaining of anything I’ve read from Auster. And as is the case with all of Auster’s stories, nothing goes as planned and all kinds of tragic and crazy events unfold, building up to an ending that could be considered inspiring and poetic.

I’ll take a photo of the book right now:

Mr Vertigo is the 3rd and last novel in Collected Novels – Volume Two. The omnibus series of collected novels is printed and mostly sold in the UK, which is too bad, because it’s a quality bound and printed book and I would be glad to have every volume in the series even though I already own many of Auster’s novels individually. I appreciate good solid books.

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