Riding In The Rain

I used to decide on whether to ride my motorcycle to work if the chance of rain was less than 40%; I wouldn’t take it if it was higher. Unfortunately, we’ve had a wet spring, resulting in a lot of false alarms; there have been many days where it hasn’t rained even though the weather gods indicated it would, and I fucking hate that, knowing I could’ve ridden the bike.

So, I’ve decided to ride my motorcycle to work ALL THE TIME, unless it’s raining when I leave in the morning. Fuck the weather gods.

Riding in the rain can be hazardous to your health: traction decreases a lot, visibility is a lot worse, drivers in cages (i.e. cars) can’t hear you as well, and getting cold from being wet is a miserable feeling. Despite all that, the fact that you’re on your bike is all that matters; however, there ARE some precautions a rider should take, as described in the excellent article Motorcycling in the Rain:

The standard advice is to try to cross railroad or other metal tracks at a right angle, even in the dry. When they are wet, this is imperative. Otherwise, you risk having the tire slip into the groove alongside the track, which will immediately ruin your whole day.

I like the author’s humour:

Places where the oil doesn’t get washed away by rain falling on it can be thrilling.

“Thrilling” meaning about to die.

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