I’m Right Brained

girl spinning clockwise to anti-clockwise

Right Brain v Left Brain

Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

And the test only works with a silhouette of a naked woman.

It spins clockwise for me, which means I’m “fantasy based”, among other things.

(tip of the hat to Chris)

13 Replies to “I’m Right Brained”

  1. Hmmm… what does it mean when you look at it at different times and you see clockwise sometimes, counter-clockwise other times? I think it has nothing to do with left or right brained. It’s like those magic eye illusions… focus hard enough and you will see what’s there from a different perspective… for me, all it took was scrolling the page down and she started spinning in the other direction.

  2. I see it clockwise. I don’t believe it tells anything about me other than I like to look at spinning naked chicks…nothing wrong with that!

  3. nope can only see it counterclockwise in the thiry seconds i concentrated on it…mind of a gerbil…okay tried again…i can not see it going clockwise….perhaps this should be a test…I will now be banned until i can see the image going clockwise….i think i may have to echo bryans comment…however my formative years at Mount St. Vincent will not allow me to couch it in those terms…

  4. Look at her foot in the middle. Make her foot rotate in the other direction — with the power of your mind. Once the foot changes direction, the rest of her body will follow. It’s easy.

  5. ohh had it for a second…then back to counter clockwise…no worries…intellectual.. and mind expanding exercises may actual be a hinderence in my current paid postiion with the municipality…

  6. i think phillip finds it easy because he has two brains…which also allows him to see things us other peons cannot…like frogs…

  7. I wonder……Are you left handed? I am….thus I see the figure turning clockwise. This is one test I don’t mind staring at a lot longer than it takes to determine which direction I see the figure turning. I also have an active imagination. Thanks

  8. I can do this in 2 second. I stare at her foot and imagine it turning the other way. Bingo, just like that, she goes the other way. Try it with one eye closed.

  9. okay i have done nothing else but stare at this all day…if I look just at the foot as phillip says i can make it change direction…the cavet is that i block the rest of the image from my view..i think because the other cues make it too difficult…i mean the spinning…look at the foot…look at the foot…..

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