Roll Up the Rim, Again

It’s Roll Up The Rim To Win time again at Tim Hortons.

roll up the win to win

Their sales sky-rocket during this promotion, where customers have to roll up the rim of their beverage cup to reveal if they won anything, which includes a car, donuts, muffins, coffees, and for the first time: a boat!

I don’t drink as much of their coffee as I used to; I won’t be keeping track of my wins and losses.

My wife works at Tim Hortons now, so officially, I’m not allowed to play. If I win a boat I’ll have to trust a friend to claim the prize for me.

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11 Replies to “Roll Up the Rim, Again”

  1. > If I win a boat I’ll have to trust a friend to claim the prize for me.

    What Jody meant to say is: “If I win a boat I’ll have to give it to Phillip.”

  2. Yeah, #4 right now on google for roll up the rim, but near the bottom of the first page on the .ca version. Gotta start writing “roll up the rim” more to get it up there.

  3. I’ve won 2 coffees and a doughnut so far, and the doughnut was won from one of the free coffees.

    That’s as good as she gets, b’ye.

  4. Funny and true story, from the CEO at the Tillsonburg library – someone in town won a boat, and they wanted to make a copy of the winning tab to send in with the claim form. Without realizing the tab was stapled to the form, they sent it through the feeder on the photocopier, where the tab fell off and promptly got lost in the guts of the machine. The CEO ripped apart the machine and managed to find the tab before anything terrible happened to it.

    The End.

  5. It’s Matthew’s story to tell, and I’m sure it’s well known down there by now. I can claim no responsibility for it, other than having shared it with you guys.

  6. There have been complaints around St. John’s of the cups being pre-rolled. I got a cup of coffee from the Tim Hortons on Duckworth Street last week that was pre-rolled. Anyone who’s ever rolled up the rim knows they’re not the easiest things to roll up (or unroll). So when you get one that’s already been rolled already, you can tell right away.

  7. yeah I find this interesting that people are upset about getting ripped off on their cup but not about the crappy products they buy day after day after day after day….you would be better off ingesting the cup rather then the “food” and “drink” products offtered by this organization…

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