Roll Up The Rim To Win 2011

It’s Roll Up the Rim To Win time – Tim Hortons’ annual contest where you roll up the rim of specialled marked red and yellow cups.
roll up the rim to win tim hortons
This year’s (2011) prizes include:

  • 2011 Toyota Matrix
  • Panasonic 3D TV Package
  • Mountain Bike

And donuts. Lots of donuts.

This year they have an online game where you can win free coffee for a year.

I tend to buy more of their coffee when the contest is around. Do you?

8 Replies to “Roll Up The Rim To Win 2011”

  1. I didn’t know it was back until I saw one of the cups on the side of the road today. I see more Tim Hortons cups as litter than I do in people’s hands.

    I only buy their coffee when I have no other convenient choice. I don’t think Roll Up The Rim would change that.

    Here’s my question for you: Do you buy most of your Tim Hortons coffee at the drive-through?

  2. Question only for me?!

    I only use drive-through when there’s 1 or 2 cars.

    Speaking of litter: do smokers litter more than non-smokers? I see smokers flicking their cigarette butts out their car windows all the time, although I’ve seen assholes throw coffee cups and pop cans too.

  3. Drive-through only when I’m traveling and didn’t bring my own coffee. Mostly the missus gets coffees at tims, but I don’t usually, it’s too expensive. As a treat it’s ok, but consistently it’s too much, I just drink my office/home swill.

  4. I refuse to use the drive through…I just park in it and then walk in…people get pissed…its coffee people not the cure for cancer or world hunger…I drink tea….and rarely do I go ever since the restaining order…its hard being an ex politician…

  5. I drop off Alexander at school in the morning and about 3 days a week I will pick up a coffee at the Hampton Tim Horton’s after I drop him off. It’s usually busy there, but lately cars have a hard time getting in and out of the only entrance. They have parking at the back of the parking lot, but you have to go through the drive thru line-up to park a car there. I only go through the drive thru in none rush hour times.

    The grossest litterers are the ones that leave their coffee cups on grocery and retail store shelves. That is nasty! Or they leave their cups and other garbage in the kart when they leave the store. I mean, my car is filthy most of the time, but I refuse to litter outside. There are plenty of trash cans around. Beside my car, I tend to keep a pretty tidy desk and house. Do you remember the wall of coffee cups I had at the office? Probably the only garbage I had on the desk, but it was tidy… And don’t forget the peanut butter :)

  6. Speaking of littering…. the worst culprits I’ve seen are smokers; they drop their used butts where ever they are.

    I’ve seen idiots throw empty coffee cups out car windows too. Fucking idiots.

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