Roll Up the Rim

Tim Hortons is a ubiquitous coffee and donut shop in Canada, where you can get a coffee with two cream and two sugar by just saying “large double double”.

roll up the rim to win tim hortons

Their spring ritual is to have the Roll Up The Rim To Win contest, where you roll up the rim of their cardboard cups to reveal “”PLEASE PLAY AGAIN/R’ESSAYEZ S.V.P.” or “WIN/GAGNEZ UN BEIGNE/DONUT”, or some other prize.

According to their Rules & Regulations:

24. In Canada: If you are eligible to win a MUFFIN, a DONUT, a COOKIE, or a COFFEE, complete a contest prize claim form. Canadian participants ONLY must sign the declaration and answer the skill-testing question (below on the contest prize claim form) and, together with their eligible “winning” RIM TAB, present it to a participating Tim Hortons store. Before being declared a Canadian winner, your RIM TAB and answer to the skill-testing question must be verified.

I have never filled in skill-testing question to get the donut I won, nor have I seen anyone else do that. THEY’RE BREAKING THE LAW!

Here’s the skill-testing question:


As a courtesy to the two people not skilled enough to figure it out, the answer is 26.

I wish they did ask me to fill out the skill-testing question so I could see what would happen if I provided the wrong answer.

Update (Oct. 14, 2005): This website is not affliated with Tim Hortons. If you wish to comment about Tim Hortons’ service, please e-mail or phone (1-888-601-1616) them. There are a few forums available that discuss their products and service; Google it, people. Comments to this post are shut off until internet users become intelligent (i.e. forever).

Update (Feb. 26, 2007): I added a new post for the 2007 contest.

76 Replies to “Roll Up the Rim”

  1. I should contact Tim Hortons about paying me for the hits I’m getting. Maybe they’ll want to put ads here. I’d do it, if the price was right ($5000/month per ad).

  2. Can we now start making fun of all the Tim Hortons coffee drinkers who are too slow to realize this blog has nothing to do with Tim Hortons?

  3. Oct12/05. ol line survey not available although coupon says open until Oct 19th. What gives?

  4. jody what is it with these people….people this is not a “timmies” site…we do not want to meet you..I should clarify that..jody may want to meet you..I do not..

  5. I think folks just want a forum to complain or compliment about them, and because this site is showing up for searches of “timssurvey” and “tim hortons survey”, people use what they first see. I guess. Still, I SHOULD contact Tim Hortons about them paying me a ton of cash because… well, because it might work!

  6. I love there coffee. It is the best. I also love the roll up the rim to win.

  7. I not only have to have either your coffee everyday but also stepped tea has been a great preference for me as well. We always buy your large can of fine grind coffee in the home. I can remember when (I came from Hamilton) having my Dad taking me to the Ottawa original timmy’s on a Sat. while Mom got groceries at the Centre Mall I got a scruptious doughnut of my choice…He of coarse as I was too young got a good cup of coffee….

  8. I wish that “your” in the last comment were true.

    I’m considering shutting down the comments for this post, though it’s interesting to see how many people think I own Tim Hortons.

  9. Maybe you should update the post, Jody, with a little note explaining to the legions of slow-on-the-uptake Tim Hortons patrons who keep coming here that you don’t actually have anything to do with Tim Hortons, and that you DON’T CARE… unless of course Tim Hortons wants to advertise in this space, and then you’ll want to delete this comment and all the others like it.

  10. Just like to say That I work at University Hospital and I always get good service from Deb and rose in the morning.

  11. Perhaps there is some chemical conconxtion in the coffee that allows these people to be so dense…or allows them to spend inordinant amounts of money on crappy refreshments and food like substances….

  12. I was looking for the Tim’s survey but it is unavailable. I normaly have no trouble getting great coffee. But they took Marion out of the Old Main St. Store. It’s now gone to the dogs, the service is to wait too long in line for a coffee and now it usually disgusting.

  13. You make great coffee Jody Hortons! cudos to you! huzzah huzzah the coffee mesiah has come and his name is Jody Hortons!

  14. The girls on afternoon & midnight shifts are the best severs I have ever delt
    delt with.Heather is to me is the best server.Then ther is Jody MariAnn
    Cara Holly. then there is Blanche,I have known her for is realy nice to go into store 30 to have a nice cup of coffee in the morning or at night.Thay always put asmile on my face.Store owner Kathy has to be
    comeneded for hiring these young ladies.
    Keep up the good work Kathy
    Thank You
    P.S. your coffee is still very good.

  15. Good promotion…no access to the website, so no coffee giveaways! Sounds a little like the roll up the rim scam.
    You don’t get free coffee there either.

  16. Oh god, the humanity! The stupid Tim Hortons humanity! Please end it now!

    And with that I say, good day to you, sir!

  17. This is the last comment for this post until further notice (see the update I made in the post itself).